Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander?

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Re: Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander?

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Enkidu wrote:
"The mummy of Alexander and the others are in PERFECT condition. As well as Ptholome I, Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius... The most important books of the Library of Alexandria and sooooo much more. All is documented with photo's and video. Even photo's of Alexander in his golden sarcophagus. Information will be released very soon to the public."

"The whole expedition is under very high confidentiality conditions and the authorization is very strict! Sorry."

"There's no dust because the tomb was sealed airtight! We don't care if people don't believe it!!"
I think that the 'archaeologist's' statements here tell you all you need to know about the veracity of the claim ... :D
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Re: Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander?

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agesilaos wrote:...The Roman Church has tested a few relics, there are scientists at the Vatican, so an examination might be possible.
I wouldn't trust a single word from the Roman Church concerning anything scientific unless it benefited their 'program'. If they have the body, it's been kept a secret for centuries. And the Catholic Church is better than anyone at keeping its secrets...secret. They have their reasons for squelching the truth in this matter, as in all others. They would never come clean on anything of importance. Especially, something this important.
agesilaos wrote:...Alexander's body was not wrapped and had been on public view for centuries, I think it unlikely that it would not be recognized for what it was. Nicholas Saunders suggests that the body went West into the desert and was reburied which seems a more likely scenario but the evidence is circumstantial at its strongest.
And this is an interesting theory that may have some fact to back it up...


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