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Re: Refreshing your memory part 2-HELP, SOMBODY HELP ME!

Post by panos » Mon Oct 20, 2003 9:22 am

VaskoThanks for the prompt response. Comments:"First of all, as you are saying Dorians are more Makedonians tahn Hellens, and that is maybe true, so we are looking for common ground and respect, becouse with some of Hellens we are deeply connected. "??????????????
I am not saying anything like that!!!!!!"Those from north are SLOVENS, from SLOVO means letter from alfabet/ azbuka. First letters from even before glagolica,(glos=glas means sound, so this signs were for different sounds, that is why name glagolica,), ancient Makedonian alfabet were az, buki, vedi, therefore name azbuka i.e. alphabet! Becouse people from nth. were given alfabet, SLOVO, letters, they were SLOVENI, OSLOVENI, educated. Makedonians were SLAVNI=SLAVA=GLORY, GREATNESS, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, SLAVEN/VELIK. It is about one letter with huge difference! We have namedays, i.e. SLAVI, not SLOVI, SLOVO is letter, SLAVA is GREAT DAY, NAME DAY or simular.... "Respect to you for all the info but there is no response to my question "if the alphabet was discovered by the people of north as you state, shouldn't it be named slovo-sth instead of alphabet from the two first letters of the Greek alphabet?"
In the worst of the cases it should be named azbuki-azbuket. Shouldn't it?It is a good thing to know that Alexander the Great was Sloven....How about the term "slavs"?????? you said that it was because Macedonians were enslaved to the romans.... now we get another meaning! wow!!!Regards



Post by Con » Mon Oct 20, 2003 10:20 am

I don't mean to cause trouble but is "The Light 7000" one person or a group? The writing style varies as much as the command of english..

Bill Giannakoa

Re: vasko?

Post by Bill Giannakoa » Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:27 am

How can you know so little about Greeks?Ilet you know that Alexander was born in pella which is a greek city and that Spartians and Makedonians are the same.Search a little in Arrian and you will find tha albanians were a persian tribe brought by macedonians in the place called Albania now.Iam Makedonian.

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