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All about Alexander the Great

Welcome to, Alexander the Great's home on the web.

Welcome to  In 1994, this became the first web site dedicated to Alexander the Great - arguably the most famous secular person in history.  The site has grown over the years and is maintained by a team of enthusiasts. The forum is our tour de force - a place where people can discuss Alexander, and argue about aspects of his life, career and death, at a level that suits them. Some of our forum members are beginners, people who are just starting out on their studies of Alexander; others are academics who might or might not specialise in Alexander studies. Whatever your level of interest and knowledge, you will find like-minded people who love to discuss and debate the life of Alexander the Great.

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We are constantly looking for ways to improve this site, and to add information to it. If you have any suggestions for articles that you would like us to include, or more biographical details, please contact us through the Forum, and we will do what we can.

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