Editions of Curtius Rufus

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Editions of Curtius Rufus

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In another thread Nicator asked about editions of, translations of, and commentaries to Curtius Rufus. Rather than change the subject there, lets talk about our favourite versions here!

The Loeb edition is affordable and has both the Latin and an English translation. Lacus Curtius has the Latin text from the Loeb edition. I have seen a series of German translations with orange covers in our library but forget the name of the publisher. I don't know about translations into any more languages!

There is a Penguin translation under the title "The History of Alexander" by Waldemar Heckel and John Yardley. It has a short commentary at the back.

No Landmark edition has been announced.

I don't know the sources on Alexander very well, so why don't other people suggest things! Often there are commentaries which are more focused on the text and grammar and language, and commentaries which are focused on history.
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