New Book on Pharaoh Alexander

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New Book on Pharaoh Alexander

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The following book is recommended

Huber, M. Traugott. Pharaoh Alexander the Great – his Tomb, his Sarcophagus, and his Mummy. Norderstedt, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9783748140658. 288 pp. EUR 49.

- Alexander had four not three Tombs. His original Tomb is identified and illustrated for the first time.
- Alexander’s mummy rested in three not two Sarcophagi. His original Sarcophagus is identified and illustrated.
- Due to an overlooked testimony, the fate of Alexander’s Mummy is clarified. Alexander’s Mummy never rested in the Siwa or the Bahariya Oasis. His Mummy is not venerated as “St. Mark” at Venice. Thereby the pharaonic owner of the “Alabaster Tomb” in Alexandria and the identity of "St. Mark" at Venice will be disclosed.
- The person responsible for the death of Pharaoh Alexander in June 10/11, 323 BC is identified.
- Dynasties 32 and 33 are recognized and the end of the Late Period of Ancient Egypt in 30 BC is suggested.
- The Tombs of Philip II and Philip III at Aegae are clarified (Appendix 1, published on
- The original East Wall of Ptolemaic Alexandria is reconstructed (Appendix 3, published on ... 3748140658 ... +Alexander

Chapter 6 of the book, Acknowledgments, states:
Thanks are due to The many contributions in the blogs “The Sphinxes Guarding the Lion Tomb Entrance at Amphipolis” and “The lameness of King Philip II” proved helpful. Many thanks go to agesilaos, amyntoros, Efstathios, gepd, Taphoi, system1988, Xenophon, and zebedee.

Kind regards.
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