Why is Cleitus called Black?

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Re: Why is Cleitus called Black?

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From what I know, there has generally been a shared gene pool throughout the Mediterranean which would encompass Northern Africa, Southern Europe, and Western Asia. Also, people walked and sailed from place to place as a matter of course, so it would not be surprising to me for a person of Black African descent to have been in Macedon.
Too, on the issue of the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians, rather than argue I refer people to books with pictures of ancient Egyptian art and to see for themselves how the people portrayed themselves (black and brown mostly). One has to remember that Upper and Lower Egypt had continuous political, cultural, and genetic exchanges with one another. Also similar to the USA, Egypt as a land of prosperity attracted many people from other lands to emigrate there. True, Ptolemy did institute the Greek reign in Egypt and Arab infusions occurred continually until the outright Arab invasion of Egypt fueled by the new religion of Islam, which accounts for the vast majority Arab population there today..
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