Another Hephaestion part1

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Re: Another Hephaestion part1

Post by system1988 »

In that case there are two pillows.. Yes you may be right... My old eyes...

Dialogue: Hephaestion- Why are you always SO LATE ?
Alexander- Sorry love,i got stuck in chariot traffic

Just kidding!
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Re: Another Hephaestion part1

Post by agesilaos »

Do you not think the other damaged figure is a woman? Maybe Alex was cross-dressing as the pamphlet says! :shock:
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Re: Another Hephaestion part1

Post by gepd »

If your German is good, you may read an explanation for what is depicted on that stele, here: ... 1_1428.pdf (page 114 of the article or p. 5 of the pdf, where the index Taf 2.3 is found on the left). Better not to to put what Google translate gives here, but my overall understanding is that the stele shows the dying mother of a newborn. The other person on the left is probably a servant. They assume it was holding the newborn, based on a similar representation. Not sure to whom ΗΦΑΙΣΤΙΩΝΟΣ refers to then.
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