Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!

Post by thuyhuynh »

I know nothing about Alexander be4 i heard my husband to told me about ALexander. He knows lots of Alexander, He loves This King stories. He told me a lot of things about this King while we chat online, i really wanted to share things to him but i know nothing about Alexander, thats why i come in this site and want to know better about this King, but perhaps my english is not enough to share this with everybody because im learning english, im a vietnamese girl, but my husband is an american. He is a member here. I joined this site just because i want him feel happy...
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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by spitamenes »

Welcome to Pothos! That's nice of you to try and learn about Alexander for your husband. And there are people here who will be happy to answer any questions you have. There is also plenty of information on Pothos to help you learn whatever it is you want to know about Alexander. Good luck and if you want to know anything specific, please feel free to ask!
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Spitamenes :D
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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by Nicator »

Hello & Welcome to Pothos,
Now you can learn more about Alexander than your husband and teach him a thing or two.

Warning! The study of Alexander is intoxicating and habitual. Therefore, you must be careful not to get so devoted to Alexander that you forget about your husband completely.

Welcome to the fold...
Later Nicator

Thus, rain sodden and soaked, under darkness cloaked,
Alexander began, his grand plan, invoked...

The Epic of Alexander
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