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Sky Tv Programe Commision

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:53 pm
by jasonxx
As a connection with a post Amyntoros said about ST Marks Basilica. Could I ask Andrew Chugg. What would be the best way or who to talk to at Sky History Channel to commision a programe to look at ST Marks Basilica in Venice.

Following what Amyntoros said about the depiction of Alexander ascending to heaven, Its far too juicy to be my remaining lifetime I would hope for this to be done as in my opinion its the closest I think we will get to Alexander. Call it intuition or the obvious discrepancies as to it been ST Mark Im convinced it Alexander.

I feel Christianity is more closely related to Alexander than they would wish to admit and would not destroy Alexander a hero from the Old Testament. If it happens and im right then it will be the best thing I have ever thought. I just got a feeling that its Alexander.