Reign: The Conqueror

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Reign: The Conqueror

Post by aleksandros »

I dont know if there is a topic on this already...

If not, has anyone watched this show? How is it like? Should i get myself into downloading it?
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Post by sikander »


This program is quite unlike any historical show; it is a cross between the symbolic, the allegorical, and typical anime plotlines(laughing). The author/s play havoc with character and story line; it is historical moments blended with fantasy...

I think to enjoy this you would have to be someone who collects any and all Alexander material.. I have to admit, Hephaistion struck several of us as decidedly odd, we chuckled at Alexander wearing a large "A" on his clothing, and there were times the story line bordered on a cross between the Alexander stories, Asian mythology and hallucinations (laughing)

Or, it could just be that I am too old to appreciate such a program, too literal minded or simply had too difficult a time getting inside the mindset of the author/s.

Before you download, I would suggest you see if you have a friend to borrow the first DVD from and give it a look.

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Re: Reign

Post by rjones2818 »

It's quite interesting. Aristotle is shown as a behind the scenes bad guy trying to keep Alexander from destroying the world to create a new one, Diogones is a gatekeeper who seems to know what's going to happen, and Plato is...well...Plato. :P

Alexander is tall and brunette, Heph is shorter and fey (but a killer par excellence) and the companions are all interesting in their own way. Bukephalos is quite literally and man eater. Phillip is a strong leader but is led astray by hubris and women. Olympias is...well...Olympias the devil woman. :twisted:

The bits of history in the show are hit and miss at best and the rest of it seems like Romance.

All-in-all, I'd say its fun and worth the time, but don't count on it as anything reasonable about Alexander.

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