New Indian Tv Series: Porus

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New Indian Tv Series: Porus

Post by amyntoros » ... -of-porus/

Scroll down the web page for the actual teaser, although you may have to click on the link to Sony Instagram to watch. Even in this brief excerpt one can see historical inaccuracies, but on the other hand it does look gloriously extravagant and entertaining. I wonder why Sony would (reportedly) have spent so much money yet not have considered releasing a dubbed version to a western audience.


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Re: New Indian Tv Series: Porus

Post by system1988 »

Thanks for the info, i have seen other teasers,and it is clear that they are targeted towards the Indian audiance , which is not small !
I saw many clich'es like for example them copying the eagle from Oliver Stone s movie, and they have even influences from the 300, Gladiator, and even a Karate scene !!! Howerer as you said it is a very rich and interesting production , which i am afraid ,will not ever see in the West as it is not a movie but a TV series

Do you have any other info towards the opposite ?
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