Alexander in the "Porus" series

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Re: Alexander in the "Porus" series

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The actor Rohit Purohit is indeed doing a great job. His emotes superbly with his naturally green eyes and the fact that he dyed his hair for this role (for more than 1.5 years of his life) shows his dedication.

I totally agree with the topic maker that he resembles the real Alexander The Great more than anyone else in the history of playing this character. The fact that he is of Indian origin does not get in the way of his portrayal of this character. He is not playing Alexander he IS Alexander.
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Re: Alexander in the "Porus" series

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I'll admit, Rohit doesn't look like my idea of Alex. I tend to favor the Azara herm, with its much longer-round face, and imagine him stockier. But he's not bad, and I'm intrigued by the series. Plus a good actor can overcome a difference in looks. (And yeah, Hephaistion isn't at all like I think of him, but then, neither was Leto.)

Where are y'all finding the subtitled episodes? I'd really like to see this show.

(I've only once seen a actor I think could be Alexander: Michael Hurst, who played Iolaus from the 1990s "Hercules" series. He was too old, even at the time, and certainly now, but the actor (very good) struck me as being the closest I've seen visually (plus he's short!). Although were I to cast an ATG movie, I'd pick a complete unknown with talent. :-) ... 0613141844

Hephaistion is harder, as we've no certain image, even the only one where he's actually named (the dedicatory statue to the "Hero Hephaistion" found in Pella and now in the Thessaloniki museum). But I've always thought of him as dark-haired and dark-eyed (likely being Ionian).
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Re: Alexander in the "Porus" series

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Jeanne Reames wrote: Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:11 am Where are y'all finding the subtitled episodes? I'd really like to see this show.
The official Youtube channel where the episodes are uploaded has subtitles for many of the episodes if you turn them on: ... shYyEuzKIi

Took me a while to get used to the style which is very different from what I'm used to (everything is very theatrical, overdramatic), but once I accepted that's how it was, it became a sort of guilty pleasure for me.

Love your pick for Alexander!
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