Philip's sight

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Philip's sight

Post by Alexias »

A random, and unprovable, point occurred to me recently: could Alexander's habit of holding his head on one side have been an imitation of Philip? With the loss of sight in his right eye, Philip may have tipped his head to one side to compensate and widen his field of vision. I used to work with someone he had limited sight in one eye. He didn't tip his head to one side, although he did tend to lead with his good side, but there again he wasn't aiming a javelin or sword.
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Re: Philip's sight

Post by Ateas »

I believe this is possible. I, myself, usually view what is in front of me at an angle similar (or exactly as)to what you’re describing. It’s a habit hardening back to my days as a hunter. It helps in a way that I cannot describe without actually demonstrating it. As I am sure you know, the nobelmen of Makedon often hunted.

Whether or not this pertains to the case of Alexandros, I could not say with certainty. I hope this provides you with insight regardless.
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Re: Philip's sight

Post by Jeanne Reames »

Possible. Possible also that Alexander had better sight in one eye (this is before the days of glasses, ha), or better *hearing*. I had several bad ear infections as a kid (no tubes in those days), which hurt my hearing. For a while, I was all-but-deaf in the right ear and half deaf in the left. Even after it healed, I still have better left-ear hearing, so I tend to cock my head to the right when listening to people. Old habits die hard. But it could be something that simple for Alexander.
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Re: Philip's sight

Post by Susa the Great »

I'm talking by personal experience. I cock my head to the right as I read books, or now, at computer. When I am typing, no, it is straight, but I know that when I am reading, it is almost on my shoulder, and a bit downwards.

So, maybe in ALex it was something to do with reading.
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