Philip II of Macedonia Ian Worthington

Discuss Philip's achievements and Macedonia pre-Alexander

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Philip II of Macedonia Ian Worthington

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Just finished reading an excellent tome regarding Philip II.

First off, this guy has really done some research and put some serious thought into the book.

Getting the book came as a total surprise as I was just perusing a second hand book store and came across it in immaculate condition- hardback edition. Amazing what you can get for a couple of quid when you are least expecting it!

It pieces together his life relying heavily on Diodorus and Justin although he cites numerous others throughout the book.
Beginning with Macedonia pre Philip and how he laid the foundation and paved the way for Alexander's being great.

Going through time spent in Thebes as hostage and learning from Epaminondas. Demosthenes is also given as would be rightly expected in such a work a comprehensive detailing. The showdown at Charonea is put together very well and there were a few things I had never heard of such as Alexander's oak. The place where Alexander pitched his tent and was known as such even in Plutarch's time.

The book delves into the assassination at the hands of Pausinias. As Mr Worthington comments, the wedding between olympias's daughter and own brother would have had certain implications for Olympias and in the light of the Attalus comment shortly before the wedding, maybe Olympias had found in Pausinias the perfect way to gain revenge. Her placing a golden crown on Pausinias although not conclusive is certainly a clear indication of her approval.
Also noting that in Siwah while talking to the oracle Alexander asks if all responsible for the murder of his father had been brought to justice or so we are told. Thus attempting to put an unresolved issue to rest.

All in all the book was great. Still do not understand though how Philip could possibly have left behind a legacy of financial problems but he certainly left his stamp on history. Recommend it to anyone interested in world of Philip&Alexander.
Well done Ian!
Best regards,Dean
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Re: Philip II of Macedonia Ian Worthington

Post by Alexias »

Don't think I've read this. I must give it a try. My go-to book for Philip though is Philip of Macedon by Nicholas Hammond. I found it really likeable.
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