New Relief of Arrhidaeus from Egypt

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New Relief of Arrhidaeus from Egypt

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The images are only available on Facebook (so in bad resolution), but it was found at Kom Ombo near Aswan and has an inscription mentioning him and the god Sobek. ... noscript=1

One thing which I notice in the texts from Idumaea and Bactria is that administration continued uninterrupted from Artaxerxes III to the death of Philip Arrhidaeus and the other Argeads. All the terrible wars in the chronicles and the classical tradition are invisible: in these remote outposts, everyone tried to hold onto the fiction that there was a single king as long as they could.
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Re: New Relief of Arrhidaeus from Egypt

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Interesting and too bad it wasn't found when I was there in 2014. I was given a special trip to Alexandria because of my novel about Alexander and also had all the hieroglyphs at Luxor that told of his coming to Egypt pointed out to me. Quite a thrilling trip!
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