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Alexander's Women

After some discussion on the Pothos Forum, it was felt it might be useful to include here all the references to Alexander's sexual life - whether with women or men. Because of copyright questions, it is not currently possible to include full quotations from the sources, merely the references themselves.

No attempt is made here to discuss the various characters, whether their very existence or the nature of their relationship with Alexander. See the "Lovers" article above for more information, the short biographies in the "Main Characters" and "Minor Characters" sections; or why not join the Forum and ask your own questions about the people who inhabited Alexander's life?

What follows is as complete a list of the references that we have compiled so far. If and when we uncover any more we will add them.

References compiled by Amyntoros (mainly) and Marcus (a bit).


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Death of Roxane’s first child

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Roxane at the time of Alexander’s death

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Stateira, wife of Darius, and her daughter, Princess Stateira

The capture of Darius’ mother, wife, and her two daughters

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On the death of Queen Stateira

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Alexander’s marriage to Princess Stateira (and Parysatis)

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Thais the Courtesan

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Thalestris, the Amazon Queen

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Miscellaneous - Female

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Written by marcus

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