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About the webmaster

/images/thomas.jpg Thomas William-Powlett created around September 1994 after a trip to Turkey. He quickly realised that he knew very little about Alexander compared with the people who frequented the site. He is a Science teacher who became an IT consultant and then returned to teaching in 2004 ("Hello girls, well done for finding this page!"). He is fascinated by ancient history, and has travelled widely in Europe and Africa looking for Ancient ruins.

"I started this 'page' in 1994, when it truly was a page. One page of information about Alexander the Great. I am often asked why I did it. The simple answer is that 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' - after all, if you want to learn about a new technology, you have got to choose a subject, and it came down to 'Alexander' or 'skiing'.

The complicated answer is that my father embarrassed me once (we were standing outside Mycenae) when he realised that although I had heard of Alexander, I had no idea he was factual or what he had done. Thus followed an intensive period of reading, followed by various pilgrimages (Greece, Turkey, Egypt) to where Alexander had once stood. When wanting to learn HTML (remember, in 1994 Netscape didn't have version numbers, the browser of choice was 'Cello' and internet explorer was a twinkle in Bill Gates' eye) I wanted a subject that would teach me more than just HTML. So there you go. I am no expert. The other authors of the site are much more qualified.

For information about the sources of  the information, most of the pictures are sent by friends, so it is hard to nail them down. For background reading, select Books to Read or Book Reviews from the menu."

Thomas now rarely adds information to the site, but tries to keep the functionality up to speed.

To email Thomas about the site please use "webmaster" at "".