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Short Timeline

356 BC

July 20 - Birth of Alexander III, son of King Philip II and Olympias, at Pella, Macedonia (pothos of Alexander)

343 BC

Aristotle appointed as tutor to young Alexander

342 BC

Alexander gets Bucephalas, his personal horse (died in 326 BC after Hydaspes battle)

338 BC

August 2 - Battle of Chaeronea: King Philip's Macedonian army defeats Greeks, Alexander commands cavalry

336 BC

October [July] - Murder of King Philip; Alexander ascends throne of Macedonia (full discussion)

335 BC

May - Alexander crosses river Danube: establishment of northern frontiers

September - Alexander ends revolt at Thebes

334 BC

May - Alexander crosses Hellespont into Persia

May/June - Battle of the Granicus: Alexander defeats Persian defense force

Autumn - Alexander captures Halicarnassus, Persian stronghold

333 BC

March - Alexander solves riddle of the 'Gordian Knot'

November - Battle of Issus: Alexander's victory over Persian King Darius III; Alexander captures Persian Royal family

332 BC

January-July [August] - Siege of Tyre

September-October - Siege of Gaza

November 14 - Alexander crowned Pharaoh in Memphis, Egypt

331 BC

Winter - Oracle of Siwa allegedly confirms divinity of Alexander

April 7 [Winter] - Foundation of Alexandria, Egypt

October 1 - Battle of Gaugamela (Arbela): final defeat of Persian King Darius III

October 21 - Alexander enters Babylon

330 BC

January - Alexander forces his way through Persian Gates: defeat of last Persian defence troops

May - Alexander burns Persepolis, ceremonial Persian capital

July - Persian King Darius III murdered by his kinsmen

October [Autumn] - Alleged conspiracy: execution of officers Philotas and his father Parmenion

329 BC

Spring - Alexander crosses Hindu Kush into Central Asia

May - Arrest of Bessus, usurper of Persian throne

Summer - Battle of the Iaxartes: Alexander defeats Scythians; Rebel leader Spitamenes annihilates Macedonian forces at Maracanda

328 BC

Spring/Summer/Autumn - Army split in five divisions against rebellions in Central Asia

Autumn - Defeat of rebel leader Spitamenes; Alexander kills officer Cleitus the Black during brawl

327 BC

Winter - Alleged conspiracy: execution of court historian Callisthenes

Spring - Alexander captures 'Sogdian Rock', rebel stronghold

Spring [August] - Marriage to Roxane, daughter of Bactrian noble Oxyartes

Summer - Invasion of India

326 BC

April - Alexander captures 'Rock of Aornus', Indian stronghold

May [July] - Battle of the Hydaspes: Alexander defeats King Porus

September - Army refuses further advance at river Hyphasis: Alexander orders retreat

325 BC

July - Alexander reaches Indian Ocean

August - Alexander starts march through Makran desert (Gedrosian desert)

September 20/21 - Fleet under command of Nearchos sets sail to Persian Gulf

324 BC

Spring - Alexander orders mass wedding in Susa, Persia: marriage to Statira, daughter of Darius III

July - Mutiny (or strike) of the army at Opis

October - Death of Hephaestion, Alexander's lifelong friend and lover, in Ecbatana

323 BC

April - Alexander returns in Babylon

June 10 - Death of Alexander after ten days of severe illness

321 BC

Ptolemy hi-jacks Alexander's sarcophagus and brings Alexander's body to Egypt (Hellenism)

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Winter - December-February; Spring - March-May; Summer - June-August; Autumn - September-November; [ ] - alternative dating

Timeline compiled according to accounts of Arrian, Curtius Rufus, Plutarch, Diodorus Siculus, Justin and especially the footnotes and comments of their translators and editors. All dates mentioned are subject to debate. With any corrections or suggestions please e-mail me.

Written by nick

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